Strange filter 2 behavior

Re: Strange filter 2 behavior
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Hi BT - thanks for the help.

Actually, today I was able to fix the Pro-2 by updating to the latest Beta OS. It was suggested in a different thread (for some reason).

The person I spoke to has clarified that I wouldn't need to send in the whole unit, just the board. That's thankful, because I have had bad experiences with gear being sent by mail (and received by me).

My apologies about the acquisition comment - I'm glad to hear it's good there still. Also - the person from support followed up and clarified that the whole unit would not need to be sent in (whew), not that it's needed at this point.

To summarize: If anyone runs into this problem, I found that calibration (and reseting calibration in the debug menu) may not cure your issue for whatever reason. Sometimes I would find that I would get nothing counterclockwise from 12 o clock. Other times, I would get an inversion where the min was at 12 o clock and it was max at either completely counterclockwise or clockwise. The third thing would be a strange hump around 1-3 o clock. It seemed to change based on where the knobs were, but ultimately, it didn't seem to fix anything.

FIX: Running the latest Beta OS ( did fix this, whether it actively fixed the issue or passively (just putting new firmware on reset something).

Now, I haven't gotten into whether it's completely fixed because I think it goes to 'min' at around 9 oclock, but I'd argue that would be within specs of the potentiometer and/or the filter. But the behavior seems identical to Filter 1.

And my apologies for the delayed reply - I guess I don't have it set to alert me to new replies.

Re: Strange filter 2 behavior
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One thing that surprised me was (and I'm not sure if I saw it here or on a different thread) was that someone from Sequential had said that we shouldn't assume that the beta OS wouldn't fix this.

However - I get confused because it's not always clear what OS is being discussed.


Re: Strange filter 2 behavior
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Sure thing! Glad it's getting resolved.
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