Tremolo in Paraphonic mode issue

Tremolo in Paraphonic mode issue
« on: August 22, 2016, 04:35:18 AM »
ˇFirst Post Hi!

Pro 2; what a synth! Love it.

My questions are these:

Let's say I want to modulate all oscillators levels by a square or triangle wave in paraphonic mode I can't because in paraphonic mode there is 'quad level' which is a volume setting that is unavailable via the lfo destinations/mod matrix.

I tried modulating the VCA, but it is a very mild effect. What am I missing? (DC offset? which I have no clue about)

Also, is there a shortcut to assign the depth of a modulation destination to back to zero (like the Elektron function + knob feature)? (I spend time twiddling knobs back to precisely 0 and it is slightly annoying/fiddly)

Re: Tremolo in Paraphonic mode issue
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Answered my own question. Modulate the amp envelope amount.