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Arturia Microfreak vocoder

Arturia Microfreak vocoder
« on: December 03, 2020, 02:52:06 PM »
Hi all - I've had a Behringer VC340 for a while and have enjoyed using it as a string machine and as a vocoder. I admit I've never been comfortable with the whole Behringer vibe, but that didn't stop me from picking thing thing up.

I've just seen a couple videos for the Microfreak vocoder. Very curious about it and hoping someone here might have experience with it. I'm simple with these things - there's no temptation in me to wish for the multi-thousand$$$ Moog. The VC340 vocoder sounds "like a vocoder" and that's that. I do like the strings on the VC340, but I'm pretty set otherwise for strings in one form or other. I could sell the Behringer and more than cover the low cost of the Arturia. Plus, the Microfreak seems like an intriguing oddball synth. And it's small!

If anyone has experience or even a salty opinion, I'm keen to hear.