MOOG->OB6 CC issue w/AT

MOOG->OB6 CC issue w/AT
« on: August 27, 2020, 05:30:21 PM »
Moog Matriarch keyboard AT sent to the OB-6 cause some huge change to the current patch. Almost like a filter was changed or cast over the sound. Made some videos showing the issues.

Re: MOOG->OB6 CC issue w/AT
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The mod wheel CC from the Moog Matriarch is also creating this same issue. Itís as if the MIDI CC the Matriarch is sending for the Aftertouch & Modwheel parameters, is causing the OB-6 to changing parameters in the Current program. If anybody can muster up any ideas I am available to run any tests.  Thanks

*the OB-6 works just fine with my Launch25 midi keyboard.

**the Moog is spitting out unaccounted for MIDI data that I captured in Ableton - here are the midi channels it is sending data out on:

Channel Pressure
1 - Modulation
6 - Data Entry
9 - (Controller)
38 - Data Entry Fine
90 - (Controller)
102 - (Controller)
103 - (Controller)
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Re: MOOG->OB6 CC issue w/AT
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