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Re: 8dio Model D
« Reply #20 on: December 11, 2019, 03:51:34 PM »
I see user sample slots range from 1-32, while purchased Libraries start with 33. What makes the difference for the PX if a library is bought or user created?

The Add On banks are specifically reserved for 8Dio content as far as I'm aware.  It simplifies things for their libraries since they'll never have to worry about whether something is already installed in a given bank (unless they wind up offering more than 32 banks of additional samples.)  It also makes it easy for them to provide corresponding presets since the location the required samples will be in is something they determine in advance.

The User banks have recently been expanded from only 8 when the Prophet X first shipped.  It may well be that Sequential underestimated the amount of interest from some users in creating and using their own samples.  Here's where you need to be more careful because two different users may well create samples independently and choose to use the same bank when they make them available to others.  Indeed any other commercial vendor, such as Goldbaby who offers a rather nice set of PPG samples for sale, also winds up installing into the User banks and there's the some potential for conflict.

It's easy enough to change what bank samples will be installed in.  Just rename the right directory on your USB storage device while it's still attached to your computer (where u00 represents User bank 1, u01 represents bank 2, and so forth through u31 representing bank 32.)  It gets more complicated when there are presets made available because they won't point to the right location for samples if you've changed where they're installed.  Some folks, like our @Shaw here with his Replicants library, make multiple versions of their presets available corresponding to different banks you might have installed the samples in.

Re: 8dio Model D
« Reply #21 on: December 11, 2019, 06:16:12 PM »
Another thing to get right is 8DIO updates themselves start with number 00 (last prophet), 01, 02 etc while the purchased slots in my PX start with 01, 02 and so on. Not speaking of every 1st sample place being empty in every instrument group (but this is normal behaviour).

I've installed Jupiter 4 update in my next free purchase slot number 6 and it showed size 0 MB after installation, whereas it should be over 1GB. All other add on libraries (1-5) show their correct corresponding sizes. The install process seemed flawless, and when I go to group section I see add on 1-6 can be selected. To make sure everything is right before I'll add the Moog Prodigy library to purchased place 7 I erased the JP4 add on and installed it again, but it keeps saying size is 0MB. Is this also a common issue of the PX's bad size guessing?
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