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Pad 16 / Sound Bank A does not sound.

Pad 16 / Sound Bank A does not sound.
« on: April 14, 2019, 09:54:09 AM »

Help please. In my Tempest the Pad 16, only in Bank A is not producing ANY sound with ANY loaded beat or project. ( The pad is unmuted).  It does not work even after I initialize the  the Project or beat. It does not work if I load a sound in that PAD, any sound loaded in that particular PAD will produce sound. Note, in only happens when I am in Bank-A and with ANY beat or project.
It does not sound even if I assign the voice to a unique voice ( V1, v2 , v3, etc..), The mixer is ok: the volume is all up for that particular pad.  It does not work  if I un-mute the PAD. In my outputs I am only using stereo output.  ( So no chance the voice is being removed) .

I don't have idea about what is going on? Help please.

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Re: Pad 16 / Sound Bank A does not sound.
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Go to system settings -> MIDI Polyphonic Keyboard Play and set MIDI: Synth IN Channel to OFF