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Idea for Modulation Transforms

Idea for Modulation Transforms
« on: February 05, 2019, 11:10:33 AM »
I had an idea for the Rev2... thought it might be something that's fairly easy to implement in firmware, that would give the Rev2 the ability to have "Mod Transforms"  similar to those offered on the Moog One.   Transforms are just ways to adjust the math of the Modulation, opening up a lot of interesting options for sound design.

Currently, the Rev2 offers a source called DC, which is just a way to directly inject a number into the modulation matrix.   I was wondering if it would be possible to add a few additional variants of the DC source:

Source:   DC
Source:   DC Square Root
Source:   DC Squared
Source:   DC Cubed

Then, by using up an extra mod slot, we could have the ability to "transform" the modulation we want by a standard math operator, giving the ability to significantly change the curves associated with any modulation that we're programming in.

Mod Slot 1:
Source:  DC Squared
Destination:   Filter Cutoff
Amount:  0

Mod Slot 2:
Source:  Mod Wheel
Destination:  Mod 1 Amount
Amount:  12

The above setup would make the Mod Wheel go from 0 to 12 as its values.   Those values would be sent to Mod Slot one, and squared, then sent on to Filter Cutoff.   This would give an exponential curve to the cutoff, using the Mod Wheel.   As the mod wheel hits value 1, the output to cutoff is still 1.   When it hits 2, the cutoff is 4.   When it hits 3, the cutoff is 9.  etc... up to mod wheel value of 12 sending a value of 144 to the cutoff.

The above is just one simple example, but by offering a few math operators as "DC Sources", it could open up a ton of new sound design options, and make interesting changes with behavior of pressure, mod wheel, velocity, etc...

Ultimately, an implementation like the Moog One would be preferred, where the transforms are just a separate option on every Modulation Matrix slot, but that's much more significant of a development, hopefully for a future product.   This would just be adding a couple additional "DC Sources" to the Rev2, and make it so you can choose to use an extra mod slot to get that sort of transform behavior.


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Re: Idea for Modulation Transforms
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2019, 11:27:54 AM »
In general, the mod matrix options is a field where Sequential could really improve a lot of things... since the Evolver, there has not been much innovative thinking in this department from Sequential... other manufacturers provide more options in this even with just the standard source and destination... I looked at the options for this on the Xenophone synth some time back... it has a lot more options in the mod matrix... so I'd suggest that Sequential would take this serious and start expanding on the options there... as you say; it greatly enhance the options for sound designers.
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