Going to buy a Tempest, need advice! :o

Going to buy a Tempest, need advice! :o
« on: December 22, 2016, 05:04:57 AM »
After an extensive research, I definitely decided that the Tempest is the piece of Gear that suits me.

In many threads and reviews I have read that it has not the possibility to record "parameter locks" (electron style), but as far as I could get from the manual you can actually use the ribbon controllers to record potentially 4 parameter tweaks per note (2 ribbon controllers x 2 fx, freely assignable): am I correct? if that's true, 4 parameters per sound are quite enough for me!!

another question is: should I record these parameter tweaks exclusively while recording (performing) or can I also record those when using the step screen?

thanks to all! ^_^


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Re: Going to buy a Tempest, need advice! :o
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2016, 07:46:22 AM »
First of all...CONGRATS! The Tempest is a beast.

You can record via both step and realtime. The possabilities are far greater than just 4 FX tweaks. Especially when you incorporate mod paths that tie fx sliders. Dont compare it to Elektron. I have an OT. The Plocks are cool...yes but generally stepped for extreme mangling. However if you think about it...aside from 4 assignable "locks" you have note, duration, velocity, timing...all of which are very similar in concept to a Plock. Meaning, that Plocks are a little more hyped than what they really offer but cool when applied to LFO's on Elektron gear. For a drum machine like the Tempest...there is more than enough to keep you busy finding new and exciting combinations.

I consider it to be in the "goldylock" zone. Just deep enough to never get bored of and never get frustrated by menu diving. The results are more immediate and intuitive than most synths I have purchased.

Check out some of the cool stuff Yorgos had created. I have had the synth for almost a year and though not new to synths I am nowhere near what Yorgos can accomplish with the Tempest. In fact I learned more about synthesis from this machine than any other plugin or hardware synth. Thanks to the Tempest, my VirusTI is now making more sense to me.

Buy the machine and dont look back.
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Re: Going to buy a Tempest, need advice! :o
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Awesome! Thanks a lot!

Re: Going to buy a Tempest, need advice! :o
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Awesome! Thanks a lot!

I think the reason the Tempest doesn't record a lot of modulation, is because it's more of a real time instrument. You are forced to play it which is awesome. I think of it as a jazz instrument when played, because its like you'll never play the same thing twice. The Tempest is really special and you get some really unique sounds out of it like none other.


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Re: Going to buy a Tempest, need advice! :o
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2016, 08:25:33 AM »
The 4 FX sliders that can be customized per pad are very powerful and put recordable expression for every sound at your fingertips. With proper sound design of not only the initial settings of a sound, but also how you can change it with the FX sliders, you can get so much out of just one sound dedicated to a single pad. For each kit (or beat) you have this 32 times... all recordable.

I have the RYTM and I have always felt that expressive recordings are so much easier and intuitive with the Tempest. It feels like playing an instrument while the RYTM feels like you are tweaking parameters.

The only real bummer is that the settings for the FX sliders do not get saved with the individual sound files (they do however save with beats and projects). For the most part this is OK, but when you find yourself creating a new beat or project and want to import a saved sound, you'll really miss all that work you put into the FX slider settings.