DSM03 as a Noise Source


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DSM03 as a Noise Source
« on: November 12, 2016, 07:56:47 AM »
I had to pull my Kinks from my synth due to space constraints. I'm hoping to find room for it some day, but for now, I'm doing without it. One of the things that the Kinks offered was a sample-and-hold circuit with a noise source normalled to its input, and now I don't have that. Or do I?!

A clock source goes to two destinations: The Hang input of a Function, and the Trigger In of the DSM03. Then the output of the DSM03 goes to the input of the Function. Turn up the EG Decay of the DSM03. The output of the Function is now a random sample-and-hold value, whose time is based on the rate of the clock.

In other words, the DSM03 can be used as just a source of randomness if you keep triggering it occasionally.
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