Evolver (desktop) sequencer and midi problem.

Evolver (desktop) sequencer and midi problem.
« on: June 26, 2024, 04:13:52 AM »
This problem seems to be quite complicated, so I'll try my best to describe what is happening. My evolver suddenly started behaving very oddly, to the point of being unusable. Firstly, it has stopped responding to any midi notes i send into it (I have thoroughly checked all evolver settings for issues). It does however respond to abletons midi clock. As soon as i plug in the midi cable (from ableton to my evolver), the midi note trigger on the evolver starts going crazy, but there is no sound coming through on any patch. I have checked all ableton midi parametors and settings, and no midi data should be coming from there, also, none of my other synths recive this mystery midi data. The internal sequencer also doesent work on any patch. It can be started but stands still, and cannot be tweaked or manipulated in any way. It doesnet seem to trigger any notes even though the sequencer light is on. I should also mention that all the "free running" patches, works perfectly fine, and are the only way i can get it to make any sounds. Hopefully this explains the problem in enough detail for someone to help me out :'(

Re: Evolver (desktop) sequencer and midi problem.
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Not to be overly simple, but sometimes these issues really are.  Reboot, make sure clock on Evolver in set for "in", change to a different cable, clock to a hardware synth instead of computer. 
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