Only 4 voices when used as an Ext. Instrument and Midi Controle Enable is on

Hi Everyone,

I'm a happy (and fairly new) Take 5 and OB-X8 owner and I am new to this forum.

In Cubase 13, I always have my synths configured as External Instruments, but when I do this and I turn on Midi Control Enable on, on the OB-X8 something prevents it from playing 8 voices at a same time and only plays 4 voices simultaneously. If I yank out the USB cable, or turn off Midi Controle enable, it immediately starts playing 8 voices again. Both are of course not an option as I need them in order to have te OBX8 configured as an external instrument.

Extra info that could be of use, is that this behaviour is only local when playing the keyed of the OB-X8, when I play the OB-X8 from another controller it plays 8 voices.

Does anyone has any idea what can be the problem?

Kind regards,

Nevermind, apparently any midi feedback loop will cause the OB-X* to halve its voicings. A simple 'local off' fixed the issue.