PPG waveterm

PPG waveterm
« on: April 04, 2024, 03:49:20 AM »
Sorry if this is well known, it was new to me so thought I'd share that I've had some success with the PPG wave tables as samples in the PX.

I obtained them from here, from the link called 14th March 2001

Using PXtoolkit, load each of the .wavs onto a separate key and save as an instrument. As there are over 400 you will end up with more than one instrument.

Load these into your PX, and then when you find one you like use sample stretch for it.

They play ok as they are, some need the end point trimmed off. I've also found it pretty good to have a small pitched loop as well on some of them.

Note: I'm not familiar with how the waves are organised - there is probably a better way to construct the instruments - if anyone knows please chime in!
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