Tempest Operational Tips & Tricks AKA FAQ Thread (Attention!!Read this first!!)

Check your ears Yorgos - tempest's vcf leaks sound, that'a a fact.
AMP can create click around 1-4 at attact stage, with 10 at amp attack, sound can't be snappy.

My ears are just fine thank you and yes Iím aware of supportís answer..
Itís that infamous click everyoneís talking about and gives consistency problems..If you read my tips & tricks thread i give some solutions to this behavior make sure to read it carefully eh ;)
Iíd prefer for the Curtis chip and envelopes to work in a cleaner manner but thatís was the nature of the Tempest from the beginning..
Many hated it and many loved it!
I wonder if Prophet 6 behaves like that..Anyone to chime in?
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I own a Prophet 6 from the beginning it came out & have zero problems with it.
Clicks are easy to fix, my unit leaks VCOs in the VCF section - I am sure of this because the leak sound has always the same pitch as VCO ;) Anyway - thank's for help! Now I have to find out if this bug will annoy me or not, we'll see. :)

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this post as I refer to it often for clarity on some of Tempest workings and workarounds.  :)