Arturia DrumBrute

Arturia DrumBrute
« on: October 07, 2016, 05:22:45 AM »
Hot off the press:


So it looks like Arturia is doing for the drum machine market what they did for the affordable mono synth market, when they introduced the MiniBrute.

Thoughts, opinions, complaints?  ;D
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Re: Arturia DrumBrute
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Great feature set for the price. Not sure if I'm sold on the sound of the thing yet. No doubt I'll have to hear one in person to know whether I like it or not.

Coincidentally, drum machines are the only things I like step sequencers on. I just can't get along with them for melodic duties and heaven knows I've tried, despite the allure of flashing trails of lights.

Re: Arturia DrumBrute
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My first impression is that it covers or comes close to a couple of signature sounds from all over the place (in a way like with the MatrixBrute - at least in theory so far). So it's a little bit like the 808 here, a little bit 909ish there, and so on. But never tied to those emulative sounds exclusively so that there's enough room left for getting somewhere else as well. The poly rhythm and the individual accent features are definitely nice, plus the fact that you get individual outs, which will be useful for further processing. Looks like a fun machine so far, at least for those for whom the live element is an integral part - whether on stage or in the studio. But I'd definitely like to check one out in person at some point too, before I jump to ultimate conclusions. If it's overall good sounding, which the demos suggest it seems to be, there isn't really much to argue about at this price.

The only thing that would have made this a complete killer, would have been the sort of step automation you have on the Volcas.
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Re: Arturia DrumBrute
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I'm not a super big drum machine fan (granted I have a Tempest and CR-68!), but this one has really captured my imagination. The interface on it seems to be extremely intuitive and is the main thing that draws me to it. I am planning a live rig, and as much as I love the Tempest for drums, I have been toying with the idea of using it as a 6 voice mono synth pattern generator~ ideally I'd have two Tempests as I love the control it gives over designing sounds, but ultimately the price:feature ratio is hard to beat!