Bricked P6 KB

Bricked P6 KB
« on: December 03, 2023, 03:49:24 PM »
Hi all,

Seems I goofed. I bought a P6 keyboard couple weeks ago, it was in 1.7.8 out of the box. After perusing the forum here, it seemed it was better to align with the last official firmware, 1.7.5.
So, I downloaded it and attempted to downgrade via Midi OX, with the recommended settings etc.
Both countdowns went through, only the last one got stuck at 1-1. I waited like 10 minutes before power cycling, and what do you know, the thing got stuck... Permanently displaying "6", and that's it.
So, I enabled the bootloader and recommenced the same procedure, via midi in this time. Same result, except the 2nd countdown now finishes but doesn't reboot. It says "1" in the Fx screen, and "6" on the main one, but stays hanging there.
Powering off and on leads to the damn thing not booting...
I'm out of options, and will welcome any idea, thanks :)


Re: Bricked P6 KB
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Iíve had my P6 for 6 years and done several updates in that period. Oddly, irregardless of what the manual says, itís common for the boot process to appear to stop at the end of the countdown. I just wait a couple of minutes and then power off and back on and up it comes.

What is odd is it not booting after power off. I seem to recall hearing that sometimes unplugging all unneccary cables helps. Are you able to do the firmware update process again?

If you are really stuck you might try contacting Sequential support. Their service is sterling.
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Re: Bricked P6 KB
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If you haven't already done so, reach out to support ( You'll need to bootload OS 1.7.8 again to get up and running.

For reference, 1.7.8 is the latest OS for new production units. It's nearly identical to 1.7.5, so no need to downgrade. I do agree that this creates some confusion...  :o

Good luck!
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