Out of tune and wheel problems while playing sequences

Out of tune and wheel problems while playing sequences
« on: November 29, 2023, 07:37:26 AM »
I previously posted here about a glitch in firmware that was a false flag - the issue was that I couldn't change parameters while the synth was in the Global Menu; felt very silly after that.

However, I have had persistent problems with tuning and wheel calibration while playing the synth. I was warned to expect a break-in period and consistent re-calibration for the first couple weeks of owning the synth, but this seems more problematic than that. I've re-set the calibration table, tried re-calibration at different temperatures to no avail.

It's been nearly a month and the problems seem to be getting worse. It seems to pop up when a sequence is playing and I am playing notes over the sequence, which is very disheartening. It'll usually slide down in pitch and just stay there randomly during performance. Wiggling the pitch knob seems to do the trick sometimes, but re-calibration doesn't always bring it back in tune.

I've also noticed that mod-wheel parameters will sometimes drift while playing a sequence, which is also concerning. This would lead me to believe that it's an issue with the wheels, but I'm at a loss. Just filled out a form with Sequential and am waiting to hear back from them. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm heartbroken, as this is my first synth and have already started saving my own patches that I'm very proud of on the synth, but worried I'll have to have this unit replaced.

Re: Out of tune and wheel problems while playing sequences
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Have you contacted Sequential support yet? I've found them to be very responsive.