Odd Rev2 Module behavior with Ableton Push 3 (standalone)

Odd Rev2 Module behavior with Ableton Push 3 (standalone)
« on: October 29, 2023, 03:04:49 PM »
I have both a DSI Prophet Rev2 Module (8 voice, if that matters) and an Ableton Push 3 (standalone).

I have experienced a strange, repeatable issue, and I'm wondering if anyone can confirm this behavior, or suggest any way to avoid it happening.

In short with the Rev2 connected via USB MIDI to the Push 3 (no USB hub)  choosing to Rename the Push 3 MIDI track with the External Instrument device (Shift + Track Name on the Push 3 followed by selecting Rename while continuing to hold Shift) causes the Rev2 Osc 1 Freq to jump to its lowest setting of C0 (from wherever it is currently set). This change occurs immediately upon pushing the "Rename" button on the Push 3, and is repeatable, and happens on both the release version of the Push 3 firmware (1.1.13), and the beta version (1.1.20b3).

Steps to duplicate the behavior are as follows:

1. Connect Prophet Rev2 Module via USB to Push 3 (standalone).
2. Connect Prophet Rev2 audio out to Push 3 rear panel inputs 1&2.
3. Setup MIDI port Output on Push to Prophet Rev2 MIDI 1, enable Track and Sync.
4. Setup Audio inputs as needed for monitoring.
5. Add an External Instrument to a MIDI Track.
6. Select MIDI To and Audio From as above.
7. (For completeness' sake) load a Basic Program on the Rev2 via Globals.
7. Play notes on Push 3 pads, note the expected pitches coming from the Rev2.
8. Press Shift + Ext. Instrument on the Push 3, then press Rename while continuing to hold Shift.
9. Before doing anything else, note that the Prophet Rev2 "Osc 1 Freq"has changed from wherever it was set, to C0.
10. Play notes on Push 3 pads and confirm the Rev2 patch is now playing based on this lower Osc 1 Freq.

If anyone owns these same two devices and would be willing to test this, I would be grateful.

Mostly, I don't even understand what MIDI CC or message could be being sent from the Push 3 to the Rev2 via USB to make this change occur, but it is completely repeatable. Setting the Osc 1 Freq back to the previous setting is possible, and doesn't change unless you Rename the track again, when it jumps back to C0.

Any insights welcome!

Re: Odd Rev2 Module behavior with Ableton Push 3 (standalone)
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2023, 11:46:35 PM »
Osc 1 freq is midi CC 20 decimal(x14).

REV2 can be set to either respond to midi CC or NRPN so that might be a way to avoid this setting to NRPN.
- but if this ruins how you use Push I have no idea

But seems strange that Push send stuff out, so would guess there is a setting for Push not to do this.
- if there is some protocol like EUCON or Mackie control that is assumed to be connected to

If to investigate further connect Push to computer and listen with MidiOX or some daw that has a midi monitor.