Timing bug report for the Pro3 -PLEASE FIX


Timing bug report for the Pro3 -PLEASE FIX
« on: September 29, 2023, 04:47:26 AM »
Someone contacted me on another forum for help with synchronising the Pro3 to a daw. Which, strangely is still very tricky.

So i went back and did some test again, to confirm what i would advise him.
There's quite few factors so, i've only now realised a major culprit and bug that is making this difficult:

There is a timing discrepancy between the start/stop signal being received/processed and executed, and the timing of other signals, like notes, cc and midi clock. The start stop signal has about twice the latency of the others.

If i play long 4bar notes to play back a sequence of 4/4, and align to a metronome in the daw, the first 4 bars, the clicks will flam, and the next time round everything will align because now the note start has triggered the correct timing, vs the incorrectly delayed midi start/stop.

This is really a bug that has been there from the beginning, it didn't bother me much because i ususally trigger my sequences and arps manually. But i can see many people just getting stuck on this.

Also, arp quantise has only ever worked on internal clock, but i'm guessing this can't be helped, as the device has no time travel capabilities :)

But this discrepancy between start/stop and other midi commands should really be on any update/bugfix list, if there is ever going to be one.

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Giving this thread a bump.

Re: Timing bug report for the Pro3 -PLEASE FIX
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If you want it to go on a bug fix list, please email the details to support@sequential.com as it’s the only guaranteed way that they’ll see it.