Bug in Delay effect?


Bug in Delay effect?
« on: September 24, 2023, 06:02:56 PM »
I was experimenting with the various delay effects in the effects section and found a possible bug in the first Delay effect (called Delay, not the BBD, Tape1 or Tape2), relating to the feedback on stereo/panned voices.

To recreate:

1.  Start with Basic program.
2.  Turn on the Effect, set type to Delay, and set Time, Depth/Mix and Feedback so you can clearly hear multiple echoes.
3.  In the mod matrix, create a routing, DC -> Panning, with value -127.  This will pan the voice hard left.
4.  Play a short note.  You'll hear the original note panned hard left, the initial delayed note panned hard right, then the feedback echoes are panned center.
5.  Change the DC->Panning depth to +127 (or any value over 64) to pan the voice hard right.
6.  Play another short note.  Now you'll hear the original note panned hard right, the initial delayed note panned hard left, and NO feedback echoes.

I'm guessing based on the initial response of the Delay effect, the intent was to ping pong panned signals, but due to a bug, anything initially panned right doesn't reach the feedback loop at all, and anything panned left feeds back to center.

Ping pong in the BBD delay works correctly with signals panned in either direction. It's only the "Delay" (classic stereo delay) effect that has this issue.

My Take 5 has the current (v2) firmware.