Using Pro 3īs CV outs to control Rolandīs System-500 modular system.

Using Pro 3īs CV outs to control Rolandīs System-500 modular system.

So Iīve tried this by reading the manual (page 116-118). If I tune note A correctly then A, B and C in the same octave are in tune, but then it starts to drift off. Adjusting the CV scale and offset doesnīt help much except that I can move the tuned area of 4 notes up and down by changing the offset.

If I use a USB cable and play the Pro 3īs keyboard via Kentonīs USB Solo CV/gate interface then the System 500 is perfectly tuned over 4-5 octaves.

Does anyone have any experience with this problem or clue how to fix this?

Re: Using Pro 3īs CV outs to control Rolandīs System-500 modular system.
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When adjusting the CV scale you have to go back and forth between each octave, using the lowest octave that you tuned the oscillator to as your base reference.

I had the same issue with an intellijel oscillator, I followed these tips from another forum member:

1.Set note number as source, CV out as destination at maximum amount.
2. Connect to V/oct input of your oscillator, play a low note, about the lowest note you'd want to play, (but once tracked it will give a nearly perfect octave below as well)
3. use a tuner to tune the oscillator to this low note.
4. Go up an octave, see how much the tuning of the oscillator is off, probably it'll be lower.
5. Go to CV scale, and increase the amount until the osc hits the exact octave higher note. If you go up another octave, you'll probaly need to adjust a bit more. Go back and forth or up and down the the octaves till all of them get hit as close as possible. Don't forget to go back to the original low note to see if it still tuned dead on, if not you can use the cv out offset to compensate.

I usually end up with 4 to 5 octaves that track decently, depending on the oscillator. usually my cv scale offset is somewhere between 24 and 32. If it is a lot more off, the oscillator might need calibration itself.

not all oscillators will respond equally, so if another osc is detuned a lot, you might want to use a different CV out and repeat this process.

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