Polybrute vs Prophet 5 Rev4

Polybrute vs Prophet 5 Rev4
« on: September 09, 2023, 05:42:58 PM »
Was wondering if anyone who has  both a polybrute and a prophet5 rev4 could give thier opinion  comparing and contrasting both. I read the specs on the polybrute . Its price point is less as well as having a different feature set. The prophet 5rev4 is considerably more. The polybrute has 6 voices and is in stereo. Maybe the prophet 6 would be a closer comparison. Iíve read things about the A polybrutes build quality. Just havenít had any experience with the company or thier products.

Re: Polybrute vs Prophet 5 Rev4
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2023, 01:42:13 AM »
I don't have the Polybrute, but obviously it can do A LOT more modulations and programings than the rev4.
However, although I love Arturia, personally I've never been impressed by any sound of the Polybrute, whereas rev4 has got one of the best "raw" sound and a tons of sweetspots.
They are 2 very different beasts, so it's up to you, depending on your needs.
Rev4 is great for vintage/classical sounds, whereas PB is better for complex and modern sounds.