Synth music/stuff NOT categorized as such, and thus many may have missed out


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This could be a fun thread. Whether you have some pop, rock, prog, or whatever it may be categorized as, but could probably be labeled ”synth” too, or if it is heavily synth-driven, or if there are loads of synths on it, and similar stuff... ie stuff you wouldn’t readily find searching for ”synth”-music. Stuff that most/many may have missed out on, but really fits into the ”synth” category (by your own definition), post that stuff here! Could turn out to be very interesting, I think. Finding stuff you may really enjoy, but ”labeled” in a category where you wouldn’t find it readily..

To get started I’ll pick Ian Andersons ”Walk into Light” album, and will link 2 tracks from it. Perhaps not the BEST tracks on album, but most synth-driven and most synths in the end production, imo.
The Way the Truth and the Life


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Not sure how unknown this is, but I've never heard anybody else mention it.

Delerium, Semantic Spaces:

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A few examples come to mind and I guess one could cite many prog rock/metal etc albums here, so I will refrain from doing so, with three little exceptions hidden in this list:

* Chroma Key’s Colorblind
* Dream Theater’s Images and Words album, literally heavy use of synths
* Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice soundtrack(s), eg Escape from TV
* Judas Priest’s Out in the Cold
* Porcupine Tree’s Up The Downstair
* Pretty Maid’s Love Games
* Shadow Gallery’s Carved in Stone, among which Ghostship;
* Van Halen’s 1984 intro ;-)