knobs occasionally unresponsive


knobs occasionally unresponsive
« on: August 15, 2023, 04:08:54 PM »
I had this weird thing a while back, where two of the knobs, particularly the Distortion and Drive knob, were unresponsive. In the sense that they didn't register a knob movement when they hadn't been used for a while, until i'd twisted them around a bit. So, i'd turn the knob, no sound change and no visual change on the display, until i'd moved the knob back and forth some distance, and then it would suddenly snap and update to the position. From then on it would respond instantly again for a while.

Anyone have an idea why? It did happen during two particular heatwaves around here, i kind of put it down to the sweltering heat.

Kind of jarring and annoying during a live performance, where nothing happens when you grab & twist, only to jump on very agressively after a second.

I don't have much motivation to 'take this up with sequential support' they're great and have helped me out in the past, but this unit is already a replacement which took me a lot of hassle to get fixed, not because of Sequential, but the shitty music store i bought it -that incidentally went out of business recently, i wonder why- And the synth is for sure past it's warranty period.