Dead LED buttons anyone?

Dead LED buttons anyone?
« on: August 12, 2023, 07:17:04 AM »
I have bought a Pro 3 second hand, it is perfect in every way except that the Glide button does not light up (it does work though, so I am always caught guessing whether glide is on or off).
For a while I thought it was a quirk but then I saw another Pro 3 with that light working so now I know it's a fault in the LED.

It doesn't help that all the buttons have the same transparent cover, and yet some are meant to illuminate and some don't. For some buttons it makes sense that they don't light up (all the toggle buttons like LFO shape, AUX env 1/2...) but others such as Misc Params or Show Effects... it would make sense for those to be illuminated when active, and yet they don't. Or is it just me?

Has anyone experienced LED failures on this or other recent Sequential synths that use these illuminated buttons?

Any idea whether this is something I can expect to see on other buttons over time?
The reason I ask is that if this is a rare one-off I will get it fixed now. If I am to expect more to fail over the next couple of years, I will wait and spend the money only once to repair all of them at once.