"Funny": Layer B one semitone too sharp

"Funny": Layer B one semitone too sharp
« on: July 27, 2023, 03:50:28 AM »
I just experienced a "funny" behaviour, fortunately only during a rehearsal (although my colleagues looked a bit puzzled)

Layer B (no matter if stacked, split, or normal) was one semitone too sharp. This could easily be seen by the keyboard LEDs: Voices lighting LEDs in the lower row were one semitone too sharp, while voices lighting LEDs in the upper row were correct. It must have to do something with the keyboard software/electronics (not the sound generating circuits), as external instruments conneted via MIDI out also suffered from this.

After checking the global parameters (which were as I set/wanted them) I tried switching off/on several times, including some off-time,  of course.
As this did not change anything, I recalibrated the oscillators (Global -> LFO2) and resetted parameters (Global -> LFO3), which did also not cure this until switching off and on again. At the moment everything seems to be OK, but:

What happened? May this happen again? What if this happens while on stage?

If noone here may help or DSI-people do not read (any more) I will approch their technical stuff via email and return with their answer.


Re: "Funny": Layer B one semitone too sharp
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2023, 03:00:49 AM »

no good style to answer ones own post, but at least I told You so.

Sequential support answered very fast, was competent and tried to help. The error is not reproducable or at least I do not know how to provoke it. Whatsoever: It did not occur again after recalibrating as described above. Meanwhile I calibrated the wheels also, as support suggested.
Some mails were exchanged and I will follow their hint to strip down everything (except power and headphone only MIDI out with all MIDI parameters set to NRPN, as this is P08 "native language") and record what is sent with MIDI Ox, if the error shows up again. But I hope, this will never happen ...

Sidenote: I was asked to stress my synth in order to make it "misbehave". As if this was not my normal way to use it 8)


Re: "Funny": Layer B one semitone too sharp
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If it is a P-12M, check the WallWort transformer for proper voltage.  SB 13.5 volts output.  These transformers slowly die, and they cause gremlims like that when they get near the end. 
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