Will Sequential ever do another drum machine?

Will Sequential ever do another drum machine?
« on: July 15, 2023, 02:33:18 PM »
After revisiting the Tempest and really digging into it more recently, it got me wondering if we will ever see another drum machine from Sequential.

Tempest, in many ways was ahead of its time and was almost a precursor to some of the Elektron devices and even the new Korg Drumlogue or Novation Circuits with combining synthesis engines next to drum machine oriented sounds (Iím aware there were groove boxes on the market prior but Iím speaking of more dedicated beat oriented devices).

I know Dave had sort of a love/hate relationship with the Tempest with the amount of work/money he dedicated to it (plus the amount of negative criticism on people wanting it to be something it wasnít) and he likely didnít want to deal with it again (I know he teased a Prophet X drum machine but with the PX not selling well, that likely kiboshed that) but with the Focusrite merger...and with Novation under that umbrella...I wonder...

Itís not out of the realm of possibility I suppose. The Pro 3 incorporates some percussive elements and techniques and the Prophet X has drum samples and percussion sounds and the Novation Circuit Tracks And Rhythm are really interesting, so the ingredients are there.

But the market looks a lot different now than when the Tempest came out. Elektron, Arturia, Korg, And Roland having dedicated drum machines, and stand-alone devices like the MPC range, Maschine+ and Push 3...what exactly would a new Sequential drum machine look like or do?

I donít expect any official confirmation but I would love if some members of the Sequential staffed chimed in as well as Tempest users or just those interested in the discussion in general.