No Sound After 1.1.1 OS update

No Sound After 1.1.1 OS update
« on: July 13, 2023, 06:57:01 PM »
After updating to 1.1.1, my OB-X8 periodically has no sound at all.  Tonight I can barely play the synth because of the issue.  The only thing I have found to clear it up is a "full calibration".  When I have this issue (no sound), the synth OS will lock up when I press the tune button.  It hangs at Calibrating: Voice:1 Osc:1 Freq:1....and I have to shut off the synth.  When I power it back on it still has no sound until I complete a full calibration - sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.  This has only happened since I updated to 1.1.1.  Anyone else have this issue?


Re: No Sound After 1.1.1 OS update
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Hi tr122,

Sorry to hear about the cal issues on the new OS. Did you clear calibration data after loading OS To do this, hold Transpose UP + DOWN and hit Global. From there, select the first option to clear cal and hit write. After clearing calibration data, you will need to power cycle the unit, then run the full calibration option from the Global menu.

Clearing cal, running full calibration, and resetting the globals are necessary steps for this OS update.

If you continue to have issues, please contact and we'll get your unit up and running.
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Re: No Sound After 1.1.1 OS update
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Thanks Gus!  happy to report after clearing the calibration data the issue has not occurred!  hoping it's gone!  I really love the OB-X8.  It's a joy to play!
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Re: No Sound After 1.1.1 OS update
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I wanted to also add that the "clear calibration data" is clearly outlined in the update instructions.  It's located in the steps after the update is I got a little excited about the update and missed those steps!  So I'll take responsibility for this one!  thanks again Gus for the help!