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Speaking of daughterboards..  could two voices be combined on one board?  Allowing for a 16 voice obx8 option? 


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2 and 4 would be the biggest quality of life improvements for me, because those are the first things I adjust every time I make a new program, and having to menu-dive every time is annoying.

That's what templates are for and there is more than enough patch memory for them.

I built templates for OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8 as starting points for my sound design.

Yeah, that works for everything except the Global Stereo/Mono output setting.

RTFM.  Global stereo/mono allows a "per preset" option.

And the expanded User bank leaves more room for it. The problem is that I always end up forgetting and writing over them.

RTFM.  The OB-X8 has a way to check contents of saved patches before overwriting them.

I already know everything you’re RTFM’ing about, and still would like it the way I said. The way those things exist currently is cumbersome.


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The page 2 could certainly be improved and it already has in recent firmware. With the screen, it is kind of an undiscovered land for Oberheim, too. Page 2 will also remain a tricky compromise because of the many possibilities and starting points that it offers.

For exemple, page 2 begins with the Osc mixer section because oscillators is where sound starts. Once the sound is programmed, that would be the last section you’d need. Why not have the performance-related sections (e.g stereo, AT, Velocity, etc.) come first?

The new firmware also allows us to jump between page 2 sections. Additionally, it would be great if   additional hardware shortcuts to page 2 would be provided and to start on-screen page 2 with options for which there is no hardware shortcut. Some of the knobs are still on “page 1”, when you’re actually in page 2. Do we really need cut-off and resonance to work on page 2? (I mean you can always turn off the page 2 hardware interface).

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I believe some additional parameters & destinations would be very useful, like:

  • A page2 parameter to offset the square waveform phase by 90º.
  • Polarity invert for oscillator 2.
  • Per voice pan (can be adjusted separately or modulated by LFO).

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« Reply #24 on: September 05, 2023, 12:12:35 PM »
I deeply fell in love with this synth. I like spending hours on tweaking a sound and getting lost in using it. What a pleasure to get the hands on this lovely device.

But, the first things I  really miss a lot is:

1) syncable LFO`s  - please (It`s so hard to dial in the right amount. A 5 or 10 time "magnification", using the same knob and make it finer to use would do the job, too. But maybe it`s not making the process more simple, as it could have been.)

2) panspread in per cent in stead of quarters of a whole. Smoother, like on an OB-6 :)