OB-X8 OS Changelog, Updates

OB-X8 OS Changelog, Updates
« on: June 24, 2023, 02:51:15 PM »
OBX8 Main Changelog
New Feature: MIDI clock global added
New Feature: Page 2 portamento destination added
New Feature: Page 2 velocity/AT amount added
New Feature: Page 2 quick scroll implemented (hold Page 2 and turn scroll encoder to jump through sections)
New Feature: Display saved parameter added
New Feature: Linked editing for splits/doubles added
New Feature: User bank added
Bug Fix: Chord function improvements
Bug Fix: Calibration improvements
Various minor bug fixes

Some great new features and QoL enhancements.  Thanks to Seq/Ob team!

OB-X8, Pro 3, P6, Rev2, Take 5, 3rd Wave, Deepmind, PolyBrute, Sub 37
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