OSC1 Square Wave cuts out

OSC1 Square Wave cuts out
« on: June 20, 2023, 07:32:03 PM »
Just OSC1 anywhere in the square-wave shape region.  After every 4 keypress, the sound cuts out on the 5th keypress.


I've reloaded the OS.  I've recalibrated.  Switched off everything else in the basic program where only OSC1 is playing with amp-envelope fully open and no other modulation is happening.  Just OSC1 sound anywhere within the square/pulse shape, there is no sound on the 5th keypress.   However, the other wave shapes (from sine to sawtooth) on OSC1, the sound is is fine -- does NOT cut off on every 5th keypress.

I've even reinstalled OS v.1  +  Global reset  +  Voice Recalibration  = same exact issue.

West back to OS v.2  +  Global reset  +  Voice  Recalibration  =  same exact issue.

I believe this issue was was inherent right from the beginning when I bought Take5 new from the store, but I hadn't realized the issue till now.

Any clue?

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Re: OSC1 Square Wave cuts out
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Apparently one of the five voices is the culprit. Not sure how the pulse width is being controlled on those chips and how the calibration works but itís possible that it only affects the pitch and not the pulse width. In which case you should seek warranty repair. But thatís just a theory.
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Re: OSC1 Square Wave cuts out
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2023, 08:09:36 AM »
Sounds like a fault in one of the voices.  Contact your store for an exchange or Sequential for a warranty repair.

Re: OSC1 Square Wave cuts out
« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2023, 01:36:06 PM »
Yes, it could be one of the 5 voices to be the culprit.  It is only OSC1 square/pulse wave range where there's no sound on the 5th keypress.  Sine/Saw range is fine -- they do sound on the 5th keypress.

Also, the pitch is fine across the keyboard scale.  The 5th keypress is on any keynote where the square/pulse cuts off on the 5th press.

I've sent Sequential support a direct email and got a ticket.  I wonder what they're going to say.

I purchased my Take5 in late October 2021 from Long-&-McQaude in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I hope the factory warranty is still valid.  There was no warranty card that came with the unit.  However I did register the unit with Sequential in the first day or two when I got bought it.