Add Captions Showing Prophet Settings in OBS with this settings .txt file


 8)  8) Add Captions Showing Prophet Settings using OBS Advanced Scene Switcher plugin with this settings .txt file:

This is a .txt file of settings to import into the OBS plugin called Advanced Scene Switcher.  Works fairly reliably to get the Prophet 10's CCs to read and caption the Prophet 10 settings to your video screen for 10 seconds then timer off  (Prophet 5 should also work and maybe other sequential synths if they use the same MIDI CCs for their settings that the Prophet Rev 4s do).

Works with about a 1s latency. 

Requires a Text source in OBS, that reads from the specified file I used in these settings.  Make the file as C:/Users/Public/Documents/ASSMIDIlog.txt  (windows).  (Any apple users I can only say you would need to go thru every macro after the 7th and before the last 2 (about 100 I estimate) and change the file name in the lower section of each macro in a lengthy cut and past data entry operation.  It should take no more than 20 minutes if you wanna do it.)

So first before you import this Advanced Scene Switcher settings file from this .txt attatched to this post, go in OBS make a text source and have it call that file C:/Users/Public/Documents/ASSMIDIlog.txt.  Position it, set up whatever font you like and color and filters.

Now you can import this .txt file from Advanced Scene Switcher's general tab.

For the MIDI I've been using LoopMIDI 8 which is port 11 on my computer.  You can set the MIDI source as whatever you have coming from your Prophet synth in the 7 MACROS on the top of the list as these settings go, and it should work.

Attatched to this forum post is the .txt file.

Play around and edit it in advanced scene switcher (find it on OBS forums) and contribute to it if you can, other Prophet 10 users. 
I would like to get the frequencies of the Oscillators to read out but it will require a mathematical operation it's in the works but not yet.

My video that shows this in operation is
on the bitchute free speech site, and its video # address there is

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