Envelopes not retriggering on Sustain Pedal down

Envelopes not retriggering on Sustain Pedal down
« on: May 30, 2023, 03:24:58 PM »
Hi there! First time poster but long time PER owner and totally fallen for its magic and beauty. I do consider myself a very experienced user, but there's one thing that keeps puzzling me:

When I press the sustain pedal and exceed the 4 voices, new notes do not get retriggered. Voices get stolen, but this only results in new sustained pitches instead of retriggered envelopes, and if sustain is set to 0, the instrument just goes silent as long as I keep holding the sustain pedal. Changing the key mode to any of the retrigger modes (e.g. Poly Last Retrigger) doesn't make any difference.

The manual does state that the "damper pedal holds envelopes in Sustain", so I guess what I describe is expected. It just doesn't make any sense musically! On the REV2 it is possible to change this behavior by setting the key mode to any of the "R" (retrigger) modes, and on every other hard- and software synth I know, the envelopes are retriggered when the sustain/hold/damper pedal is depressed and the voice count is exceeded.

Am I the only one for whom this is a problem? Is it the same on the PEK? Am I doing something wrong? Are the any useful workarounds?

I've been agonizing over this for years now, so any input would be a relief :-)
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