Anyone else discovered sending patches to Prophet froim Streamdeck?


I have got an Elgato Streamdeck.  I use the MIDI plugin and insert a 159 bit sysex program, or larger bank file to the Prophet thru the daw and loop midi (and in my situation, network midi).  This is great.  I am using Advance Scene Switcher to make the videos, with several cameras.  Everything is not exact but I am playing the drums to play the prophet.  It will be complete soon I just came here today to get the MIDI Implementation chart again, then discovered also the new firmware 2.0.4 from Last year September.  But I couldn't resist stopping by the forum to talk to all the other prophet lovers.  Here is a link to my video from yesterday's drum practice in which I made 27 new Prophet programs over 2 hours: 
Prophet 10, 0692
Ryzen 3900XT 12/24
Studio One 6 art.
Windows 11 Pro