Older synth SN 008xx

Older synth SN 008xx
« on: May 26, 2023, 03:55:00 PM »
I just purchased a used Pro 3 SE through Ebay, and just registered with the forum.  I've been playing synth since 1976 or so, and never owned a Sequential (my first synth was a Roland SH-1000).  She's an absolute beast, gorgeous in multiple ways, and I am truly greatly enjoying myself whenever I get a chance to play her.

So far everything seems to work fine.  Some of the knobs, including the filter cutoff, stopped responding during the early stages of checking her out, but I did a Global reset and an oscillator / filter re-calibration, and that seems to have solved it.  I hope.

She's an "older" one, serial number 008xx.  Based on that, and the temporary loss of knob function, do you there's anything I should be aware of, or watch for, during the return period (30 days)?

Thanks kindly, everyone, for your time.