Pro3 Midi Settings

Pro3 Midi Settings
« on: May 23, 2023, 01:08:15 AM »
Like many other forum users, I struggle with midi when connecting external hardware to Ableton live, or at least Sequential products and those with sequencers. Access Virus, Arturia Minifreak, no problem, I have a Prophet Rev2 with the soundtower VST and vowed NOT to buy the Pro3 version as it is way to difficult and temperamental!
Anyway, the new challenge is setting up the Pro3 to behave as follows:
  • Keyboard works when track is 'active' in ableton
  • Sequencer triggered to start by Ableton transport
  • Midi can be recorded - external instrument or otherwise?

    I managed to get the sequencer to work but unable to record midi. I then tweak something and I get a midi loop, despite using a separate midi channel.

    I am used to setting the Midi to NRPN due to the soundtower VST but I have seen posts referring to setting them to CC? Would love an explanation of that please?

    If someone could share list of settings and what, out of the above requirements are possible, I would greatly appreciate it?
    Many thanks  :)