Questions about the Trigon-6 & Prophet 6

Questions about the Trigon-6 & Prophet 6
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Dear Sequential-Community,

I want to buy my first analoge Polysynth and played both the Trigon and Prophet 6 at a store today.
Both of them are fantastic and I have trouble deciding which one to get. I noticed a difference with the Arpeggiators. The Prophet didn't seem to have a "beat sync" function. I read that this function was added with an update a while ago, so I'm assuming the model at the store wasn't fully updated. Can someone confirm if the Trigon and Prophet 6 have the same Arpeggiator with the newest updates? I also noticed more clicking, when using short attack times on the Prophet compared to the Trigon. Is that really the case? Are there generally sounds that the Trigon isn't able to produce that the Prophet can create other than the use of the Prophets high pass filter?

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The P6 and Trigon 6 both have the exact same arpeggiator with the most recent firmware. The P6 has a very snappy filter so there is a noticeable click on certain envelope settings. This can be dialled in or  out to taste. As far as sounds the Trigon can produce that the P6 canít, the fact it has a third oscillator and selectable waveform combinations and FX mix as a modulation source and dedicated feedback and drive parameter.


Re: Questions about the Trigon-6 & Prophet 6
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Thru both have completely different personalities and sounds.. much more different then they are the same. They each have things that set them apart too.

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Dude, give the P6 a MISS. I really was disappointed back in 2016 when I had one. It barely sounded like a prophet and worse, once you're over the novelty you realise how generic and static it feels (even next to old DCO stuff I had at the time).

I've had the P6, now have the Rev 4 prophet 10 which is sublime and tonally everything the P6 wasn't. Not that I'd suggest that in this case, no you prob don't need the P10.

The OB-6... love it, but it lacks in certain areas that often makes me feel it's a kind of expensive 'nice to have', ultimately it's not a complete keeper like the Prophet 10 and Trigon 6 are.

Trigon 6? Hands down the best of the 3, runs side by side with P10 but with different tone/features, super powerful tone, real heft and bags of character that is absent on the P6. It's also much more flexible (having the 4/2 pole option is awesome as it's very useful for different sounds) and the 3rd osc, fully controllable instead of just a dumb sub osc, is a dream.... also means you get a 2nd true mod source while still having a 2 VCO synth.

Honestly it destroys OB-6 and P6 from both a power and tone perspective, but OB-6 has some very sweet things it can only do that few synths do. Trigon is a bargain vs the other 2 at similar/same prices (esp since price cut) and will give you far more reward over time as you dig out the sweet spots in the VASTLY bigger range of sounds it can do.  Also the Trigon ALSO has very punchy envs and does the 'clicking' if you so wish.. it's much punchier than P6 which sounds flat while technically working fast, its very important to realise the inflexibility of the VCO mix section on the P6 - driven full it sounds terrible/hard/compressed/dull (filter sounds dull as well when you turn it down not a prob on the Trigon's 4 pole at all), so you MUST run P6 VCOs at half volume to get anywhere close to it sounding decent, but you can't then PUSH into the filter - AT ALL - while trigon can be wonderfully gentle and  soft or a complete monster, pushing and twisting into the filters - BY DESIGN with additional tools like drive and feedback absent on the P6, but even without those the way it runs into the VCA/mixer sounds way better, half volume is smooth and pretty and full volume sounds powerful and rich, no 'constrained dull tone' in the trigon, it's a beast!

Trigon 6 gets my vote, I wouldn't use a Prophet 6 even if given to me for free now... that's the truth. It's just 'there' but nothing special.
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So your saying get the p6? Sheesh.. what a rant..

It is strange someone spends so much of their life trying to convince people the p6

You said for months that your p10 destroys and slays the trigon and it was the worst of them, now they lower the price and it is the best?  :-X
Strange stuff man..
Maybe you have some weird p6phobic things going where you know you must tell yourself how bad it is or it would mean you have wasted years chasing synth's.. what a life..