Still Restart Sequencer Problems with the Sequencer!!!


Still Restart Sequencer Problems with the Sequencer!!!
« on: May 17, 2023, 03:01:32 PM »

i got a Pro 2 and its still my main Synth.
Yesterday i bought a brand new the Pro 3 SE.
I sequence my Synths from Ableton and the Squencer i used only as a
Modulaiton Source.
ON my Pro 2 no Problem!!
i muted the "Seq Note" and then the Squencer runs when i press play in my DAW and its stops when i hit
the stop butten.

On the Pro 3 its completly broken!!!
Yes i turned the Clock Mode to In No S/S
But for my usecase i need to turn off the restart button..
otherwise the Sequencer stays on the firs step.

Why? i mean this is one of the latest and greatest.
You deleted the Play Slource/Sequencer Tab
on my pro 2 its standard.
The pro 2 is so nice and gentle to handle.

I got workaround - i restart the Squencer maunualy.
But Come on..

Maybe anybody can help me by that.