Midi mutes for sound bank B not working.

Midi mutes for sound bank B not working.
« on: May 11, 2023, 09:02:19 AM »
I am hoping this isn't a bug and can be sorted. Not been able to find an answer by searching so making a post....

I am muting pads on the Tempest using an MPC.
I have it set to 'Mutes' on pad to note mode.

It works perfectly for A1-A16 whether I have pad functions set to mutes, beats or sounds but the B1-16 pads do not respond to the notes I have assigned. The only way I can get B1-16 to mute is by putting pad function to mutes and then selecting sound bank B in pad options. When I do this the notes I set up for A1-A16 are muting B1-B16. E.g. I send the note C0 which mutes A1 and it mutes B1 instead?!?

Hope I have explained this sufficiently well and I hope someone can offer an explanation and solution. Emailing tech support too!

Seems very odd that it works as expected for A1-A16 but not for B1-B16.


Main OS version
Voice OS version 1.5
Panel OS version 1.3
Sam OS version 1.1