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ipad editor
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I occasionally check to see if there's a good editor/librarian out there and it seems like we're stuck with soundtower for the moment. I tried the demo and honestly I don't think it's good enough for the price. It's buggy and soundtower's notoriously bad with updates and customer care.

I was hoping that the brilliant Patchmorpher for ios would add support for the Prophet 6, but I contacted the developer and he said it isn't in the cards. (fyi it's an app that not only acts as an editor, but also allows you to morph smoothly between patches - works beautifully with several other dsi and waldorf synths. It has turned my waldorf blofeld into a new instrument! I hope something akin to it comes along eventually for the P6)

Anyhow, I just came across Patchbase. They make some very solid editors for both new and vintage synths and they're accepting votes as to whether to include the P6 in their roster. Please visit the site and upvote if you're interested at all! So far there is one vote (mine).


I realize that the joy of the Prophet 6 is that it is so easy to edit, but a patch librarian is sorely needed. Plus it would be really nice to be able to scrutinize existing patches.
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