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I've got certain synths that stay in place all the time, synths I use for daily work/play. I've also got "more mono synths than I need" and these are the ones that sometimes end up unplugged or put on a high shelf or in a closet for a bit. The Odyssey has been one that's never been put away, but nor has it ever been used daily. I had it paired - via MIDI, as mine is the Korg module version - with the Moog Grandmother, and they made a fine team. While the Moog can be edgy, the ARP really did most of the shapr cutting. I've moved the ARP again, with it now sitting above the Prophet 5, one of my daily (hourly) synths. I'm not as interested in pairing it with the P5, but rather, with it now in a prime spot, I'm simply keen to use it more often than I had been. I love the sound. It just sounds... like an ARP, right? I've upgraded my Roland TR-6S with the CR-78 sounds and I'm suddenly John Foxx!