Can we please get the Transpose setting to be added to the MIDI note sends?

Dear Sequential Engineers:

This got to be fixable by firmware (I hope). I am using my P10 to drive another polysynth in parallel and would love to be able to transpose both instruments at the same time. In fact, that other synth can't be natively transposed at all).

And while you're at it, please add a way to transpose in full octaves too (I saw this being discussed buried in some other thread in this forum).


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The dilemma to the transpose setting affecting MIDI is that you have to contend with a second transposition when MIDI comes back in.

For example, say you're transposed at +2 semitone and play the physical middle C key (note #60). If this is sent (and potentially recorded) as note #62 (D), then on receive it'll be transposed again to E. This idea quickly gets out of hand. Much better to always send what's actually played, and transpose at the sound source.

I'm certainly on board with multi-octave transpose, though.
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Good point. I guess you would have to have separate transpose settings to avoid this. Or restore the local transpose to neutral when playing back a recorded MIDI track. But I see how this might get confusing quickly.

Interestingly though, my Moog Subsequent37 does send the KB OCTAVE shift out to MIDI while also transposing the local oscillators at the same time. 

For transposing I use an old PMM88 Midi Patchbay. The P10 set to local off and a midi loop to the patchbay. It can transpose with a button press.