Factory presets

Factory presets
« on: April 21, 2023, 08:32:40 AM »
As we all know, the Factory presets can't be overwritten. It would be cool if we could overwrite those, essentially turning Factory into a bank B or something. I like the factory presets but I don't use a lot of them. Anyone else agree (or disagree)?

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from gearspace:

"You can easily copy the programs from the user locations to the factory locations using the following steps.
Hold the RELEASE button and press the 3 button.
The record button begins to blink, press the RECORD button to copy the patches from the user locations to the factory locations.
The record button light turns off indicating the process has completed".

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I've read that too  :)
But I'm not sure that any modifications of your own sounds
stored in the "Factory Bank" can be saved there ...
Only in "User Banks" ...
Correct me if I'm wrong ...   :o

Cheers !
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Re: Factory presets
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This works the same was as the Pro 3, in which the User sounds can be copied over to the Factory locations (using the procedure described by Hamudi2000), so that all 400 locations are available for your own sounds.

I like this model of storage, because it "protects" part of the memory from being accidentally overwritten, while still letting you to a full-scale factory sound replacement.

I make a LOT of Prophet 5 sounds, and I'm probably eventually going to have to curate and move the memory around. My plan is to at least keep the "original" Prophet patches, for historical reasons, even though they're dated.
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