Prophet 5 Poly Unison PU2 mode

Prophet 5 Poly Unison PU2 mode
« on: March 30, 2023, 05:12:26 AM »

So, I came across this mode by accident yesterday, and was left a little confused. I'm running the 2.0 OS that my Prophet 5 shipped with. Looking at the manual, I thought Poly Unison was a Prophet 10 only feature? I had glide dialled right up when I found it past the unison chord mode, and I was getting all kinds of crazy THX style pitch ramps settling in the chords I had held down. Can anyone explain what might be going on in this mode in the Prophet 5 version? Am I actually getting Poly Unison too but with only 5 voices? is it allowing me 2-3 voices or something? I like it whatever it's doing, goes really wonky too with the detuning cranked up!

Re: Prophet 5 Poly Unison PU2 mode
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you should first update your firmware to version 2.04. Quite a few bugs are fixed plus new features. See first post in this forum.