Programming Trick - Oscillator detune per voice

Programming Trick - Oscillator detune per voice
« on: March 17, 2023, 01:12:59 PM »
Sharing a little programming trick on the OB-X8 I discovered.

As implemented in the OB-8, the Page 2 voice detune feature detunes both oscillators by design. It's a great feature! In addition to voice detune, however, detuning at the Osc level would further mimic the real-world tuning characteristics of the vintage units, especially the OB-X and Xa since their auto-tune routines were not as precise as the OB-8.  On certain OB-X8 patches, I've been missing those subtle Osc beat variations within each voice. 

Until now...

Here's the trick:  First bring up OB-Xa preset A1 as it's easiest to hear osc beating on a brass patch with no LFO modulation.   Then set the Osc 2 Detune knob to zero beats and play. The oscillators should be very tightly tuned across the keyboard.

Now go to Page 2 and scroll to Osc 2 Tri. Xmod, the set the value somewhere between 15-25.  Now start playing a single key and listen and it cycles through the 8 voices.  Notice the Osc beating is slightly different for each voice!   You can experiment with the Xmod value and Osc 2 Detune knob, going back and forth, changing the values until you get it exactly as you want.

Try it out!
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Re: Programming Trick - Oscillator detune per voice
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Thank you for posting this. I just had a chance to try it out and it works just as you described. Very cool!

These are my favorite postings - how to use and enjoy the instrument, and how to learn more about programming possibilities.
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Re: Programming Trick - Oscillator detune per voice
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That was useful to learn.  Excellent.  Thanks.