Looking for thoughts on PX for my specific situation.

Looking for thoughts on PX for my specific situation.
« on: March 15, 2023, 07:58:27 PM »
Hey there, I was hoping some of you might share some thoughts. I hope this isn't too long winded. For those of you who stick through, you have my thanks.

I'm thinking about selling my P6 to move towards a PX. In a perfect world, I would love to have both. I'm not fooling myself into thinking of the PX as any kind of replacement to the P6 at all.

I actually started on a Rev2 and loved the damn thing to death. I have a small handful of videos on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYl_II1ANrU&t=123s&ab_channel=philmakesnoise

Anyways, I really miss the modulation and exploration potential of the Rev2. The prophet 6 is really it's own beast of exploration in a different way. I don't feel held back by the thing at all. The knob ranges are juuuust right and the control panel is limited enough to feel like a true instrument that can be performed on the fly. And really, I just love seeing the P6 when I walk in the room. Such a beautiful synth. PX, not as much. It's quite ugly IMO actually (Like I said, in a perfect world I'd have em all...)

I'm a budding composer with just a handful of small indie game credits under my belt. ( I bought the P6 with the proceeds from my first gig actually)

I'm torn on being sentimental about it, but to be honest it was already the second P6 I've owned. Ha.

I might have just landed my first documentary gig (scoring to video is where I want to be) and I could see the PX being immensely helpful for me in the short term. The idea of a hands on sample engine, right there in the middle of all that synthesis is really enticing. Especially with the ease of modulation and setting up hands on controls/macros with the sliders for recording in performances with a really human feel.

Really though, my plight isn't PX vs P6. It's PX vs P6+software.

I'm well versed with various soft synths that do a lot of similar things (and more) than the PX can do (pigments, omnisphere, renoise redux, bitwig/ableton stock samplers.)

The P6 gives me that extra edge in sound and experience that feels worth it when investing in a piece of hardware over software (to me.) It's the intangible that inspires. I'm very comfortable in a DAW environment and have no problems using software when applicable. Hardware has to have that something extra in workflow and sound or its just not worth it to me.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the PX vs software like these?

I've loved multitracking a single synth or rompler in the past. In fact, I started my hardware journey on an FA06. I made so much music just layering tracks in rapid succession. Sometimes playing the patches outside of their "preferred" ranges to bring about a bit of wonk. I eventually sold it to buy the Rev2 and learn more about synthesis and sound design. The FA just didn't offer the sound shaping potential I wanted but it had that rapid inspiration factor of flipping through presets and a sort of non-linearity when it came to "breaking" the sounds. 

PX has the potential to cover what I liked about the FA06 very well and still allow for explorative patching and some stream of consciousness type improvisation to boot.

Something else that is specifically speaking to me about the PX. I'm not a guy who wants a million pieces of software or sample libraries around. I hate combing through that crap sometimes. I feel like the PX could have enough stock raw material onboard to serve every situation I could run into. And user samples for some experimental tangents when I get bored. I've heard people slamming some of the stock samples but man, I've heard them and just the random tail end of some random ambience or "cinematic hit" looped and warped into something new but with that baked in goodness and "sample air" sounds absolutely sublime to me. Throw in a touch of pre-filter sample rate reduction. Man I bet the thing can vibe.

I'm looking for a main board to grow into.

The source most of my sounds, even basic rhodes type stuff when needed. I'm not the kind of guy who is picky on these, I just need serviceable. And the fact that I can morph a decent quality multisample into something otherworldly, or anywhere inbetween is way more important to me than having the "ideal" sample library or plugin.

Looking for thoughts and maybe some experiences if you've ever sold a piece of gear you really loved to try something different. It's a bit of a leap of faith, but I'm at a spot in my career where I really feel like the PX may be worth investing in, even at the expense of my beloved P6. I think I might also represent the type of person who could really appreciate this beast. Still, in a perfect world I'd rather have both, ha.

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