MIDI Clocked Sequencer does not loop in DAW (Cubase)

MIDI Clocked Sequencer does not loop in DAW (Cubase)
« on: March 04, 2023, 05:38:48 AM »
I have my PRO3 synced to Cubase 12 Pro.
Cubase is sending MIDI Clock to the PRO3.
The clock is set to 'Always send start message' and 'always follow song position'.

When I hit play in Cubase. the PRO3 sequencer plays perfectly in time.
But if I loop a section of the Cubase project, then the PRO3 sequencer only plays on the first loop and does not trigger on the second or subsequent loops.
It's like the end of the start of the loop is actually being received as a note-off / stop message.

I'm not 100% at this point if the problem here is Cubase or the PRO3, but just interested if anyone else has come across this or knows what (undoubtedly) obvious point I'm missing.