Rev2 Sysex > Prophet 08

Rev2 Sysex > Prophet 08
« on: February 17, 2023, 11:03:50 AM »
I was wondering if anyone knew a simple way of getting Rev2 patches onto a Prophet 08.

I know that P08 patches work on the Rev2 but not the other way around.

So the kind of questions that come to mind are:

- Are P08 Sysex files essentially a subset of a Rev2 Sysex file? Or does something more complex happen, i.e. when sending a sysex P08 patch to the Rev2 does the software on board the synth recoginise it's a P08 and not a Rev2 patch, and act accordingly? Or is the P08 sysex essentially an 'incomplete' Rev2 sysex file so therefore just updates the parameters it can?

- Are there any Sysex editors out there which allow you to easily amend Sysex files? I had a search around but could not find anything.

Obviously the Rev2 has more features and therefore more data within a Sysex patch file but I am hoping that I can do something along the lines of taking a Rev2 sysex file, removing the data that cannot be consumed by the P08, and therefore being able to send the patch to the P08.

As you can probably tell I am no expert in Sysex or MIDI, I have enough knowledge to do the basics but don't really know what goes on under the hood, Any help welcome!

EDIT - I am aware also that if I were able to do this that in many cases the patch would not come across perfectly!
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