Pro 2 CV Output Explained

Re: Pro 2 CV Output Explained
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Ever wanted to invert an external oscillator's wave shape?  For instance, take a sawtooth wave and invert it to a ramp shape.  Here's how I achieved it with the Pro 2.  Route the external oscillator into one of the Pro 2 Cv inputs.  Use the Modulation Matrix and set that CV in (let's say CV Input #1) as the source and set the destination to a CV out (let's say CV Output #2).  Run a patch cable from the CV Output (#2 in this case) to the input of the external synth.  Give the modulation a negative amount and the shape of the waveform will be reversed.  I just did this with my Werkstatt.  I routed the sawtooth oscillator out from the Werksatt into a Pro 2 CV input.  I then used the Modulation Matrix to flip the wave shape and sent the inverse signal back to the Werksatt input, via a Pro 2 CV output.  You can even mix waveforms by sending the Pro 2 oscillators to the same CV output.  Then route LFO's to the modulation amount and have some really cool movement going on.  I love my Pro 2!!