OBX8 Synth Action Quirks

OBX8 Synth Action Quirks
« on: February 05, 2023, 03:25:01 PM »
Has anybody else noticed that the OBX8 keybed synth action cuts in and out sometimes. It seems to ramp up in volume sometimes. It seems like it stammers for lack of a better word.  Not sure if this might have to do with velocity sensitivity or aftertouch. I went into global and set the velocity and aftertouch curve to 7 and 8. I think velocity will max out at 7 and aftertouch goes to 8. Itís seems like the sensitivity is hyper on the keyboard. I changed the enevelopes to different settings to see how it responded and it seemed responsive to the changes. Iím just not  sure what is causing the way the keyboard reacts when depressing and releasing the keys. Wasnít sure if there might be a fix in firmware if there has been any issues reported similar to mine. Also I thought maybe the contacts on the keybed might be intermittently responding. I havenít installed any new firmware either. I remember reading about a post talking about envelopes in page two although I donít think itís related
Being I havenít even used page 2 or altered any settings. I also tried playing real soft to see how responsive the action was. Just not sure what is causing the issue. I have a moog voyager and a sequential pro3 and they have never responded the way the OBX8s synth action responds . Thanks
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: OBX8 Synth Action Quirks
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2023, 04:15:16 AM »
I'm starting to think that Fatar keybeds are 71% crap. They are pretty much a monopoly.
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Re: OBX8 Synth Action Quirks
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2023, 07:13:12 AM »
I'm starting to think that Fatar keybeds are 71% crap. They are pretty much a monopoly.
I have fatar keyboards on my moog voyager and sequential pro 3. They donít have any problems. The OBX8 doesnít behave all the time like I mentioned.  I wonder if there might have been some dust accumulated under the keybed that caused a barrier between the keys and the contacts.. im not sure . I donít really have any technical knowledge or have actually ever seen on the inside how the action actually works from underneath. I have a grand piano and it needs an action regulation
Being that the keys donít return correctly.  Itís 42 years old. I know debri can build up as well. Although its action is not electronically oriented. Solely mechanical in nature.  I read a post in the sequential pro3 forum talking about its velocity acting strange. It mentioned that possibly there might have been a connector that was not fully making contact and to open up the synth and see if it had worked its way out and was intermittent. The solution was to reconnect where it connected. Iím not technical minded and wouldnít attempt that thinking it would possibly void your warranty or make the problem worse. Iím hoping my problem is just dust and that the dust will work its way out.

Re: OBX8 Synth Action Quirks
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2023, 09:14:27 AM »
I think I may have figured out the culprit to my problem . I checked the audio cables and reinserted them into the synth and the amplifier. I tried playing with different pressure amounts also staccato and legato playing as well as playing fast and slow. I didnít have any problems. I think that the audio chords were sensitive to any sort of movement and I perceived that as the synth action not working correctly thinking maybe the velocity curves or aftertouch setting were hypersensitive. Those audio chords are 30 years old or more possibly. They were purchased along time ago. I think itís time I purchased new audio chords.
Itís a relief knowing that the problem wasnít a $5000 dollar synth and finding out it was some audio cables that are much easier to replace than sorting out a technical problem that could be frustrating and costly.
I always worry about the integrity of a synth when itís been shipped never knowingwhat could have happened to it in transport or possibly a quality control issue from the factory. After purchasing a moog voyager in 2015 used Iíve been weary of quality control issues. My voyager has drifting issues as others have expierenced as well. Seems to be a thing with some voyagers possibly  a capacitor that wasnít the right specification. So hopefully the fatar action will continue to work correctly being that Iíve read about them having some issues.