P6 persistent odd switches behaviour

P6 persistent odd switches behaviour
« on: December 10, 2022, 04:49:46 AM »
Greetings all

Has anyone ever had to deal with an issue where pressing one switch on a panel activates other ones on a P6 desktop module?

Example, pressing the effects on/off button also turns glide on/off. Pressing Freq2 on/off on LFO also turns Freq1 on/off in Poli mod. Other siwtches also turn on/off like hold, just to mention a couple of examples

Unit is brand new and came preloaded with OS 1.7.5, I reflushed it and followed all troubleshooting guides, including globals reset and pressing all buttons 100 times.
I also run a recalibration of vco and filters procedure

This behaviour persist even with only power cord attached, and no midi or audio cables. From first power up to later when fully up to temperature

Other than that it sounds devine, preset recall works fine and can edit sounds using knobs. Pressing switches on the panel to change mod source/destinations is a no go, it can even change patch all together

Contacted tech support but guess I won't hear for a few days

Thanks for any tips!

Re: P6 persistent odd switches behaviour
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2022, 02:19:28 AM »
Well, for all comments on Sequential fast customer support, not as fast as hoped

I received a request to re-run the troubleshooting sequence and provide a video if issue not resolved. I submitted a video of showing the whole troubleshooting steps as indicated within half hour from receiving the email, with evidence of persistent issue, and still waiting for feedback

Owned plenty machines over four decades, guess after paying 1900 GBP I was expecting better support than this. I've registered the unit, provided all my contact details including a telephone number. Too much to expect?

Re: P6 persistent odd switches behaviour
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Maybe things are changing with customer service at Sequential now that Dave has passed away. When I first got my P6 five years ago there was an issue with the mod wheel. Sequential very promptly emailed me with complete instructions on how to fix the problem. Best service Iíve ever had.
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Re: P6 persistent odd switches behaviour
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I must take my frustration back

I received instructions to open the box, and remove and reseat the ribbon cable to connects the panel circuit board to the main circuit board. Both ends of the ribbon have a clipping system that had obviously moved during shipping

Synth behaving normally again :)